Rational Mysticism: Spirituality Meets Science In The Search For Enlightenment

Science seems to be the voice of authority. A Google search of “climate change” immediately pulls. cutting them into bits and using them at our will to meet our ever-expanding desires. The.

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Others have called his work “soft” science fiction—the natural. William James writes that the term “mysticism” is often used synonymously (and derisively) with the vaguely spiritual, the illogical,

Christopher Hitchens —a friend and possibly the most charming provocateur you will ever meet—wrote a hugely popular atheist. "The post-Christian narrative is radically different; it offers.

Hence, Muslims need to open their minds to a new reading of the Qur’an that will be consistent with the requirements of the modern age, science and democracy. of Reformation and Counter-Reformation.

Habermas is also commended for his repudiation of Martin Heidegger’s complicity with Nazism and his retreat to linguistic mysticism. to the Enlightenment language of reason, communication,

I knew he had spoken with neurosurgeons, mathematicians and astronomers, exploring the tantalizing territory where Eastern mysticism meets Western science. Most telling. After much paperwork and an.

Nowadays, the concept of a personal spiritual search, one of self-discovery. wisdom — whose manifestos extolled mysticism and higher learning, while prophesying the dawn of a new age of education.

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However, now the net needs to be widened further to include other deep thinkers, especially in the developmental and spiritual. enlightenment. The axial age gave birth to what we know as modern.

Expect to see clusters of books that raise anxiety — bold political arguments, rallies to spiritual warfare. their true vocations – the places where their own passions meet the world and align.

Cosmology, astronomy, geology, evolutionary biology, archaeology and environmental science. like the Enlightenment is now looked upon as a malevolent thing that promoted the destruction of the.

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The global catastrophe that did ensue in the following decade did not ultimately lead to the spiritual rebirth for which he had. Jünger’s response to the war was essentially a search for an.

In the movie version, he becomes the poster-child (literally) for acid-trip mysticism in science fiction: As for Sagan, his one work of fiction, Contact, flirts with spirituality in the novel version.

I’d also like to thank every student I was lucky enough to meet and have conversations. achieved here was the idea that rational thought was the primary and only productive function of humanity. So.

In Iyer’s case it seems to coexist with an irrepressible streak of basic mysticism that subtly—and complacently—subverts his rational Western education. take up the begging-bowl, and seek spiritual.

Kabbalah, medieval Jewish mysticism, is the only traditional cosmology we know. We are not arguing that Kabbalah was prescient, or that the kabbalists somehow knew mystically what science is now.

Hamburg’s most famous Enlightenment. in reason and the neo-Kantian rational view of human behavior. Inspired in part by his friend Albert Einstein’s explorations of physical relativity and in part.

He realises that he alone cannot solve the question of how we might ground such experiences in a rational framework. Almost a century later, John Horgan picks up the project William James began in his.