Letra Losing My Religion

Salon spoke to Peter Buck, the band’s guitarist. Then with “Out of Time,” you suddenly become this huge band and everybody’s parents have heard “Losing My Religion.” What was it like for you guys.

By the time the band recorded the tune – which now had lyrics, and a title, Losing My Religion – they knew it was rather special, but they had to convince their record company to release it and had no.

It also kicked off many in a long stream of R.E.M. songs with nearly indecipherable lyrics. Remember that old song "Rock. Some longtime fans were turned off when "Losing My Religion" hit big, but.

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the breakthrough success of "Losing My Religion" in 1991 was no surprise. R.E.M.’s sound had already matured over the eight years separating that hit from Murmur, but the lyrical palette – the lexicon.

Their songs are emotionally charged and thrilling, with their sound of the street lyrics bursting with. “At first it felt.

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Given the song’s lyrics, going with an homage to One Flew Over the. 8. Everybody Hurts — REM “Losing My Religion” and “Imitation of Life” are both on this list, but “Everybody Hurts” is REM’s best.

She altered the lyrics to serve a higher purpose. her mother or the Lord. Her “Losing My Religion” – not to be confused.

Sure, some singers pore laboriously over lyrics and melodies, but some plug out classic. according to Roger Taylor. 5. R.E.M., “Losing My Religion” Guitarist Peter Buck spent a classy evening.

Our Lady Peace kicked off the Altimate Tour and playing the emotionally charged vocals in "Innocent" to the thought provoking lyrics of "Clumsy", and. With an R.E.M. cover "Losing My Religion" and.

has shared lyrics for another track called “Heaven.” The title implies a religious context that is definitely present in the song. Jay also finds a bit of inspiration in R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion,”.

This is song number 5 in the 2015 album Losing My Religion by Kirk Franklin. The song speaks of the world in need of only one thing: prayer. Not judgement, but acceptance. Not super-spiritual words.

Rapper took lyrics from ‘Losing My Religion’ on new song ‘Heaven’ Michael Stipe of R.E.M has told NME that he is “thrilled” that Jay-Z chose to include lyrics by his band on his latest album ‘Magna.

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Elsewhere on the album, the track ‘Heaven’ will feature lyrics from REM’s 1991 hit ‘Losing My Religion’. The album also features guest appearances from Rick Ross, Frank Ocean, Beyoncé and Justin.

but stumbled a bit on a cover of R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion” that found Rucker practically shouting the lyrics. Perhaps the night’s best performance came during “Let Her Cry.” Rucker dug deep for.

If the stage lighting had failed the smiles in the crowd would have illuminated the venue anyway, and the singalongs rivaled any of the vocalists for the sheer number of lyrics sung during. band,".

In his original song-by-song liner notes, Peter Buck writes: “If you think about it, our career can be divided into…two parts.

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The world of love, rage, and other adult emotions is so new and confusing at that age, and it’s often tough to suss out what the lyrics of songs meant. an emotional open book. 5. R.E.M., "Losing My.

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